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Hello there! I’m Rachel, the heart and soul behind the delightful world of Bermuda Biscuits. As the founder, baker, and decorator, my journey began more than 8 years ago, and ever since, I’ve been on an amazing adventure refining my skills and nurturing the essence of the Bermuda Biscuits brand. In my previous chapters of life, I’ve explored roles as an Interior Architect , PA‘s to esteemed Managing Directors and CEOs in the realms of architecture, design and art, amongst a few other interesting high-end companies. Creativity has always been my driving force, and my slightly quirky nature fuels my passion for showcasing the beauty of my island home through these delectable creations. With each cookie, I aim to share a piece of paradise, one delicious treat at a time. All our ingredients are carefully selected for their high quality, and many are sourced organically, with our signature flavour being Bermuda Biscuits Organic Vanilla Bean flavour, a step above the usual sugar cookies. Your support means the world to Bermuda Biscuits, and I’m eagerly looking forward to crafting edible artworks that capture the essence of Bermuda for you.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a message via email or socials, or share any ideas you have for Bermuda-themed biscuits you’d love to see come to life. Let’s celebrate the charm of Bermuda together, one scrumptious cookie at a time!