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Your Decadent Bite of Bermudian Delight.

We don’t just bake biscuits, we create edible experiences and personalised delights. Handmade in Bermuda and delivered to your door.


Why "Biscuits" Not Cookies

In deciding how to label our distinct and original brand cookies to capture the ‘essence’ of Bermuda, we have held true to our Anglo history by naming them biscuits, just as the English do. Learn more

What makes us different

Good for the taste buds

We cut the fluff. Each hand-designed biscuit is baked with high-quality, luxury ingredients only.​

Box of six girls's head - international women's day

Good for the planet

We are sustainable. Our packaging is certified compostable and made of biodegradable plant-based material.

Good for the community

We are Bermuda. We are a local small business meaning when you support us, you support a piece of home.

Easter butteries

Custom Biscuits for your Company

We can provide you with custom themed biscuits, based on your logo or industry, using your branding, colour themes and corporate identity, and print a custom sentence or paragraph on the back of each package.

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