Monarch Bermuda Butterfly – Luxury hand iced cookie

From: $10.00

Here we celebrate Bermuda’s stunning Monarch Butterfly with our luxury iced biscuit. The Monarch Butterfly is a familiar sight in Bermuda, with its bright orange wings bordered by wide black lines and veins with white spots on its borders. At our bakery, we’re passionate about capturing the beauty of Bermuda’s wildlife in our edible creations, and our Monarch Butterfly biscuit is no exception.

These beautiful butterflies prefer open habitats such as gardens, marshes, and roadsides, where they can feed on their favorite plant – milkweed. Our Monarch Butterfly cookie is made with high-quality ingredients, and we take great care to ensure that each one is decorated by hand to capture the butterfly’s striking coloration and intricate patterns.

Bermuda is fortunate to have both resident and migrant populations of Monarch Butterflies. The local population has been noted since 1847, with breeding occurring throughout the year. To further support these delicate creatures, a Monarch establishment program was started in Bermuda in 1990, introducing Milkweeds to the island and raising awareness about their importance.

Our Monarch Butterfly biscuit is 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches, making it the perfect size for a sweet treat or a unique gift. Order yours today and experience the beauty and taste of Bermuda’s Monarch Butterfly in every bite.