The Red Admiral Bermuda Butterfly – Luxury hand iced cookie


Looking for a delicious treat that showcases the beauty of Bermuda’s wildlife? Look no further than The Red Admiral, a butterfly-inspired cookie from Bermuda Biscuits!

The Red Admiral butterfly is a regular migrant to Bermuda, with black wings and white spots near the apex of the forewing. They are noted for their very erratic and rapid flight, and can often be seen in coastal habitats with flowering plants. The male can be found perching on ridge tops in the afternoon to wait for females, who lay eggs singly on the tops of host plant leaves. They mainly eat milkweed and nettles, making them a common sight in open spaces and gardens.

Our Red Admiral cookie is a large, 4 inch by 3 inch treat that captures the beauty and unique characteristics of this fascinating butterfly. Made with high-quality ingredients and hand-decorated with care, this cookie is sure to be a hit at any event or gathering.

At Bermuda Biscuits, we’re committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our packaging and products. We believe in preserving the beauty of Bermuda for generations to come, and encourage our customers to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

So why not indulge in a delicious and informative treat with The Red Admiral cookie from Bermuda Biscuits? Order yours today and experience the taste and beauty of Bermuda’s wildlife in a whole new way!