Bermuda Easter themed Buttery – Luxury hand iced cookie biscuit

From: $12.00


All cookies come as standard vanilla unless
you choose a different option from the
drop down menu below.

Please Note: You can not eat varnished cookies. 
Cookies ordered for varnishing will be varnished
on a Friday and delivered on a Monday.

Discover the Unique History of Bermuda Butteries – Charming Outhouses Designed to Keep Food Cool. Originally used for storing perishable food, these quaint little buildings with pointed roofs were painted in vibrant shades to match the main houses. The elevated shelves inside allowed for proper air circulation, while the sharp design of the roof helped to dissipate heat. Although modern-day butteries have multiple purposes, they continue to be an iconic feature of Bermuda’s culture and architecture.

These have an added Easter in Bermuda twist – an Easter Lilly plant, a cute bunny and chick sat in the grass around the base of the Buttery. Perfect for Easter gifting.

Biscuit size approximately 3.5″ wide and 5″high

Packaged on recyclable card and heat sealed in compostable/ biodegradable plant based eco ‘plastic’.