Bermuda Buttery – Luxury hand iced cookie

From: $10.00

🍪 **Eco-Friendly Bermuda Butteries Cookie: Taste the Tradition, Respect the Environment** 🏝️

Savor the essence of Bermuda’s unique heritage with our Bermuda Butteries Cookie. These cute little ‘outhouses’ with their distinct pointed roofs hold a special place in the island’s history. Originally designed to keep perishable food cool, these charming structures were often painted in the same colorful shades as the main houses they accompanied.

🌡️ **Cool and Classic Design**
To maintain a cool temperature, perishable food was stored inside the butteries, raised five or six feet above the ground on shelves. The sharp and pointed roof design worked in a convective fashion, effectively forcing heat upward and away from the precious contents. Today, butteries serve various purposes, but one thing remains constant – they are an unmistakable and enduring symbol of Bermuda.

🌟 **A Taste of Tradition with Eco-Consciousness**
Our Bermuda Butteries Cookie allows you to taste a slice of this island tradition while respecting the environment. Measuring approximately 3.5″ wide and 5″ high, it’s a delicious way to connect with Bermuda’s cultural history, all packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable card and heat-sealed in compostable plant-based eco ‘plastic.’

Indulge in the classic flavors of Bermuda with our Eco-Friendly Bermuda Butteries Cookie. It’s a delightful treat that pays homage to the island’s rich heritage, timeless style, and commitment to a sustainable future. 🏡🍪🌱

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