Christmas Bermuda Buttery with Christmas garland and Wreath on door – Luxury hand iced cookie biscuit

From: $11.00


All cookies come as standard vanilla unless
you choose a different option from the
drop down menu below.

Please Note: You can not eat varnished cookies. 
Cookies ordered for varnishing will be varnished
on a Friday and delivered on a Monday.

A festive twist on our sweet little Bermuda Butteries – a Christmas Wreath on the door and Christmas garland hanging from the roof eves. 4 Different colours available.


Writing on the back of each pack reads:-

Bermuda butteries – The cute little ‘outhouses’ with pointed roofs, not far from main houses, normally painted the same colourful shade, were originally designed to keep perishable food cool. To do this, the food was raised five or six feet above the ground, often on shelves. The sharp and pointed design of the roof worked in a convective fashion to force heat upward and away from the food. While butteries today have a myriad of uses, one thing is for sure – they remain a classic staple of the island and are unmistakably Bermudian.


Biscuit size approximately 3.5″ wide and 5″high