Bermuda Whistling Tree Frog – Luxury hand Iced cookie

From: $10.00

Discover the captivating world of Bermuda’s Whistling Tree Frogs through our exquisite luxury hand-iced cookie. This delightful treat is inspired by the enchanting and elusive creatures that reside throughout our island. With a biscuit diameter of 3″, our Little Bermuda Whistling Tree Frog Luxury hand Iced Biscuit are the perfect indulgence.

Immerse yourself in the charm of these tiny, yet noisy, creatures that inhabit gardens, parks, trees, and hedges across Bermuda. Every night, they serenade their surroundings with a melodious chirruping sound, an enticing call to attract their mates. These beloved amphibians are commonly known as Whistling Frogs on the island.

Bermuda is home to two types of tree frogs, with Eleutherodactylus johnstonei being the most prevalent. This smaller species showcases a light brown color, almost translucent in appearance. Unfortunately, the larger Eleutherodactylus gossei has become increasingly scarce on our island.

Experience the magic of Bermuda’s Whistling Tree Frogs with our luxury hand-iced cookie. Each biscuit is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and measures 3″ in diameter. Treat yourself to the delectable taste and whimsical charm of the Bermuda Whistling Tree Frog – Luxury Hand Iced Cookie.