The Birdcage landmark icon – Luxury hand iced cookie

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🍪 **Discover the Bermuda Biscuits Birdcage Cookie** 🐦

Embrace the nostalgia of Bermuda with our Birdcage Cookie, a beloved icon of the island. This delightful treat pays homage to the iconic structure located at the intersection of Queen and Front Streets in Hamilton. Named after its designer, Geoffrey ‘Dickie’ Bird, Hamilton’s first city engineer, the Birdcage was originally constructed as a space from which police could regulate, direct, and monitor traffic. While it may be unmanned these days, the Birdcage remains one of the most nostalgic landmarks on the island.

🏝️ **A Taste of Bermuda’s Heritage**
Our Birdcage Cookie captures the essence of this historic landmark, allowing you to savor a piece of Bermuda’s heritage with every bite. It’s a delicious way to connect with the island’s rich history.

🍸 **Eco-Friendly Delight**
Just like our other cookies, the Birdcage Cookie is packaged on eco-friendly, recyclable card and heat-sealed in compostable plant-based eco ‘plastic.’ We’re committed to preserving the environment, ensuring that your indulgence is not only delicious but also eco-conscious.

Relish the taste of Bermuda’s history with our Birdcage Cookie. It’s a delightful treat that connects you to the island’s heritage, all while being kind to the environment. 🐦🍪🏞️