Police officer – All Spice Bermudian


This is our Bermudian police officer. Wearing standard summer police uniform of Bermuda shorts, socks and short sleeved shirt.

They are  responsible for policing the entire archipelago of Bermuda and the surrounding waters. It was created in 1879 and is part of the Bermuda Government and is under the nominal control of  Bermuda’s Governor and Commander in Chief with  control being delegated to a minister within our local government.

In organisation, operation, and dress, it was created and developed in line with the patterns established by British police service. You will see them at the airport, at events and working alongside the Bermuda Regiment. 


We are a spicy little nation. Full of interesting and colourful characters. This collection highlights all the individual  workers who make up and look after Bermuda. Keeping us safe, keeping us healthy, making us smile, sharing their happiness. We thank them for their service.

Part of our All Spice Bermudian collection.

Each All Spice Bermudian comes with a short paragraph about their workplace and their job printed on the back of the card, stuck on with icing, heat sealed in compostable, plant based ‘plastic’.

Made from All Spice / gingerbread

Size 4″ by 5.5″