Bermuda Rig Sail Boat – Luxury hand iced cookie

From: $9.00

🍪 **Celebrate Bermuda’s Maritime Heritage with Our Bermuda Rig Sail Boat Iced Cookies** ⛵

At our luxury Bermuda-themed cookie company, we invite you to embark on a delicious journey through the island’s rich maritime history. Bermuda’s deep connection with the sea and a timeless love for sailing are celebrated in every bite of our exquisite hand-iced cookies. Measuring 4″ high and 3″ wide, our cookies pay homage to the island’s nautical legacy, providing a delectable taste of Bermuda’s maritime heritage.

⛵ **A Tribute to the Bermuda Rig**
Our cookies proudly showcase the renowned Bermuda Rig, which originated on this very island in the 17th century. This innovative and elegant triangular sail configuration set sailboats apart, and it remains an iconic symbol of Bermuda’s maritime prowess. With every meticulously crafted cookie, we bring this seafaring tradition to life.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly Delight**
Just like the treasures of Bermuda’s maritime history, our cookies are packaged with care and respect for the environment. They are presented on eco-friendly, recyclable card and heat-sealed in compostable plant-based eco ‘plastic.’ This ensures that your indulgence not only honours Bermuda’s maritime heritage but also supports a sustainable future for the island.

Embrace the taste of Bermuda’s maritime history with our Bermuda Rig Sail Boat Iced Cookies. They are more than just cookies; they are a tribute to the island’s maritime legacy and a commitment to eco-conscious practices. ⚓🍪🌊