Luxury Hand-Iced Union Jack Flag Cookie / Biscuit

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Our hand-iced Union Jack Flag Cookie. It is specially crafted to resemble the iconic flag of the United Kingdom, including the flags of British Overseas Territories and Bermuda.

Bermuda, the oldest self-governing overseas territory in the British Commonwealth, has a unique political relationship with England. Despite being a British colony, Bermuda operates under a system of internal self-government. Established in 1968, the island’s constitution grants it formal responsibility for local affairs, while the British Government retains control over external matters, defense, and security. This arrangement allows Bermuda to maintain a level of autonomy while remaining connected to the United Kingdom.

The historical ties between Bermuda and England date back to the early 17th century when the English Virginia Company settled on the island in 1609 following a devastating hurricane. At that time, Bermuda became an English colony, which later transitioned into a British territory after the unification of the Scottish and English parliaments in 1707. The enduring connection between Bermuda and England is symbolized by the presence of the British flag on the Bermudian flag.

Although often mistaken as part of the Caribbean islands, Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and thriving tourism industry. As a British Overseas Territory, Bermuda enjoys its own form of self-governance within the framework of the United Kingdom. The legal system in Bermuda is based on English common law, further emphasising its ties to England.

King Charles III serves as the head of state for Bermuda and is represented by a governor appointed by him. The head of government is the Premier of Bermuda, who leads the parliamentary self-governing system. This unique political structure enables Bermuda to combine its distinct identity as an independent country with its historical and constitutional links to England.

Whether you are drawn to Bermuda’s pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, or its rich history and culture, this enchanting island offers a blend of British influence and local charm. As the oldest British Overseas Territory and a self-governing paradise, Bermuda is an extraordinary destination that continues to captivate visitors from around the world.

4″ high by 2.5″ wide on average for each cookie

Presented on a recyclable card with a brief description and flavour sticker, heat sealed using a plant based ‘plastic’ compostable sleeve.