12 Days of Bermuda Christmas – Luxury hand iced cookies

From: $65.00

🍪 **Introducing Our Bermuda Christmas Cookie Collection** 🎅🏝️
Celebrate the magic of the holidays with our delightful set of 12 mini biscuits, packaged in a white box with a clear lid, adorned with Bermuda Biscuits tissue paper. This collection captures the essence of a Bermudian Christmas, combining the island’s unique charm with festive cheer.

🎄 **A Taste of Bermuda’s Christmas**
Each 1.5″ by 1.5″ cookie is a work of art, featuring a variety of holiday-themed designs, including Santa with sunglasses, “Ho” with a sand dollar, Christmas palm tree, Christmas star, decoration shells and light log, Christmas bauble on a float, car with a Christmas tree on top, beach bucket with a candy cane, gingerbread man, and cassava, beach ball wrapped present, ice cream cone with a cherry, Christmas flamingo, and watermelon Christmas tree.

🌴 **Eco-Friendly and Festive**
The box measures 10 x 13 inches and is designed to be recyclable, ensuring that your celebrations are both delightful and eco-conscious. This cookie collection is a celebration of Christmas in Bermuda, where the holiday spirit meets the island’s warmth and beauty.

Experience the magic of a Bermudian Christmas in every bite with our Bermuda Christmas Cookie Collection. It’s a delightful way to embrace the holidays with a touch of island flair. 🎅🍪🏝️