Bermuda Christmas Nativity Box Set – Luxury hand iced cookie biscuits

From: $70.00

🍪 **Introducing Our Bermuda Nativity Scene Cookies** 🎄
Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with our sweet Bermuda Nativity Set. This delightful collection includes ten hand-iced biscuits, each capturing a unique element of the nativity scene, beautifully presented in a white box with a clear lid, adorned with Bermuda Biscuits branded tissue paper.

🌟 **A Taste of Tradition**
Our nativity set features Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in a manger, alongside a donkey, sheep, the Star of Bethlehem, a camel, and the Three Wise Men. Each biscuit is meticulously hand-iced to bring the nativity to life, making it a truly special addition to your Christmas celebrations.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly and Heartwarming**
The box measures 10 x 13 inches and is designed to be recyclable, ensuring that your celebrations are both delightful and eco-conscious.

Experience the magic of Christmas with our Bermuda Nativity Scene Cookies. Share the story of the first Christmas in a truly delicious and heartfelt way, and savor the beauty of the season in every bite. 🎄🍪🌟