Christmas candy cane – Hand iced Luxury Cookie Biscuit

From: $7.00

Elevate your Bermuda-themed holiday celebrations with our luxurious, hand-iced Candy Cane-shaped biscuits, available in six vibrant colors. These large cookies, standing at 4″ high by 1.5″ wide, are a festive delight, featuring a “Happy Holidays” message on the reverse.

Legend has it that the Candy Cane, known for its religious symbolism, has a place in the heart of Bermuda’s holiday traditions. The red stripes represent the blood of Christ, the white stripes symbolize His purity, and the “J” shape signifies Jesus. The candy cane’s solid texture reflects the Church’s unwavering foundation, while the peppermint flavor harkens back to the herb hyssop, symbolizing purity.

Bermuda residents celebrate the season by adorning their homes with lights and decorations, offering an island twist to the festivities. From the east to west of our island, homes showcase a delightful array of Christmas-themed decor, including candy canes, Nativity scenes, Santas, elves, bows, stars, onions, gift-wrapped presents, reindeer and sleighs. Additionally, the island’s mesmerising Christmas Boat Parade each December, featuring boats adorned with Christmas-themed light displays, which glide through Hamilton Harbour, creating a visual spectacle that captures the magic of the season.