Crown & Anchor Cup Match Game – 6 x green Luxury hand iced cookies

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🍪 **Introducing Our Green Crown & Anchor Cup Match Dice Game Cookies** 🎲🇧🇲
Experience the rich tradition of the Crown & Anchor dice game with our delightful set of 6 luxury hand-iced cookies. These green cookies, each measuring 1 inch square, pay tribute to an historic game played every year over the Cup Match holiday weekend in Bermuda, celebrating Emancipation Day on the last Thursday in July and Mary Prince Day on the last Friday in July.

🎲 **Roll the Dice of History**
The game, which originated in the 1800s, was a simple dice game used to allow gambling by sailors in the Royal Navy. Three dice are used, all of equal size and shape, marked with six symbols: the crown, the anchor, a diamond, spade, club, and a heart. Each player places a bet on a symbol, and when this symbol comes up on one or all three of the dice, the banker pays the player the amount of their stake for each die showing their symbol on a green board.

🇧🇲 **A Bermudian Tradition**
The Crown & Anchor dice game is not just a game but a vibrant part of Bermuda’s culture. It offers a lot more fun than one can imagine, making it a must-try experience for anyone visiting the island.

Experience the thrill of Cup Match and the joy of the Crown & Anchor game in every bite with our Green Crown & Anchor Cup Match Dice Game Cookies. They’re not just cookies; they’re a taste of Bermuda’s history and culture. 🎲🌴🍪