Cup Match – Pair of cricket pads and cricket bat – Luxury hand iced cookies

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Please Note: You can not eat varnished cookies. 
Cookies ordered for varnishing will be varnished
on a Friday and delivered on a Monday.

🍪 **Introducing Our Cup Match Cricket Cookies** 🏏
Celebrate Bermuda’s favourite sport, Cup Match cricket, with our delightful pair of cricket pads and cricket bat hand-iced luxury cookies. This pack of 3 cookies captures the essence of the game and allows you to savour the excitement of the match in a delicious and unique way.

🏏 **A Taste of the Game**
Each cookie is meticulously hand-iced to perfection, depicting a pair of cricket pads and a cricket bat. These cookies are a true celebration of Bermuda’s beloved sport, where the island comes alive with passion and enthusiasm during the annual Cup Match.

🌴 **A Slice of Bermuda**
Indulge in these cookies and transport yourself to the heart of Bermuda’s sporting culture. It’s not just a cookie; it’s a slice of Cup Match history and the love that the island has for its most cherished sport.

Experience the thrill of Cup Match with our Cup Match Cricket Cookies. They’re not just cookies; they’re a celebration of Bermuda’s cricketing heritage. 🏏🍪🌴