Cup Match themed Little Buttery cookies – Somerset or St Georges

From: $10.00

All cookies come as standard vanilla unless
you choose a different option from the
drop down menu below.

Please Note: You can not eat varnished cookies. 
Cookies ordered for varnishing will be varnished
on a Friday and delivered on a Monday.

🍪 **Celebrate Cup Match with Cup Match Colour Little Bermuda Butteries** 🏏
What better way to embrace the spirit of Cup Match than with our Cup Match Buttery Cookies. This delightful cookie, available in two choices, lets you show your support for your favorite team.

🔵 **Somerset or St. Georges**
Choose either Somerset colours – Red and Blue or St. Georges colours – Blue and Blue. It’s a fun way to represent your team and contemplate the upcoming match while savoring one of our delicious little Bermuda butteries.

🌴 **About Little Bermuda Butteries**
Our Bermuda butteries are a local favourite, renowned for their rich, organic vanilla bean flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Baked to perfection and infused with the essence of the island, they are a delightful treat that captures the heart and soul of Bermuda. With each bite, you’ll experience the warmth and flavors of this beautiful island, making every moment a celebration of Bermuda’s unique culture.

Let the rivalry begin and enjoy the excitement of Cup Match with our Cup Match Colored Buttery Cookie. Who will you be cheering for this year? 🏏🔴🔵🍪🌴