Bermuda Easter garden selection box – set of hand iced luxury cookies


🍪 **Introducing Our Bermuda Garden Cookies – Easter in a Box** 🌼
Celebrate Easter with our exquisite set of hand-iced luxury cookies, featuring the beauty of Bermuda’s gardens. This collection, known as “Bermuda Garden,” captures the essence of the island’s lush flora and celebrates the vibrant spirit of Easter.

🌸 **A Blossoming Selection**
This delightful set includes 1 x Easter Lily flower, 1 x Garden Buttery, 1 x irregular hexagon kite, 1 x octagon Easter kite, and 1 x green garden leaf, all meticulously hand-iced to perfection. These cookies are designed to symbolize the richness of Bermudian Easter themes.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly and Satisfying**
In our commitment to sustainability, we’ve ensured that the box is recyclable, and the plastic used is plant-based and compostable, allowing you to enjoy your cookies while reducing your environmental impact.

Indulge in the beauty of Bermuda’s gardens and the vibrancy of Easter with our Bermuda Garden Cookies. Each cookie is a work of art, capturing the natural beauty and the Easter spirit that defines the island. 🌼🐇🍪