Easter Kites Selection box – set of hand iced luxury cookies


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Easter Kites Bermuda in a box – set of hand iced luxury cookies

Box is recyclable and plastic is plant based and compostable.

The Bermuda tradition of flying kites on Good Friday is a unique cultural practice passed down through generations. The kite is a carefully crafted icon, recognizable by its craftsmanship, aesthetic, and measure of success. Making and flying a kite requires effort, commitment, confidence, and humility. The kite’s key elements include the headstick, the bender, and the hummers. The loop and the tail are the two main engineering elements that allow a kite to take flight. Size does not matter, and pretty kites are valued, but loud and high-pitched ones are even more so. The reward of seeing a kite dance before the heavens is one of life’s uniquely rewarding experiences.

Large and small irregular hexagons in 4 different colours.

Large and small octagon in 4 different colours.

1 large flower style octagon kite in 4 different colours.



Enjoy this delightful selection.