Single White Bermuda Easter Lily – Luxury hand iced cookie

From: $9.00

🍪 **Introducing Our Single White Bermuda Easter Lily Cookie** 🌼
Celebrate the elegant tradition of Bermuda with our exquisite Single White Bermuda Easter Lily Cookie. White lilies, a hallmark of the Easter season in Bermuda, are a beautiful sight, blooming from January to June or July. Their delicate white trumpets adorned with yellow stamens are a symbol of the island’s rich heritage and history.

👑 **A Regal Tradition**
In a tradition dating back many years, white lilies were sent as a gift to the King of England each Easter by Tom Wadson of Wadson’s Farm. Our 4-inch cookie beautifully encapsulates the essence of this tradition and the elegance of Bermuda’s history.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly and Elegant**
The cookie is lovingly hand-iced and presented in a package measuring 4.5″ x 3.25″, combining the tasteful with the eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy a piece of Bermuda’s heritage while being kind to the environment.

Experience the charm of Bermuda’s regal tradition in every bite with our Single White Bermuda Easter Lily Cookie. It’s a sweet tribute to a timeless practice and a unique addition to your celebrations. 🌼👑🍪