Six Easter Kites selection box – set of hand iced luxury cookies


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🍪 **Introducing Our Easter Kite Cookies – Bermuda in a Box** 🪁
Elevate your Easter celebrations with our exceptional set of hand-iced luxury cookies, inspired by Bermuda’s unique tradition of flying kites on Good Friday. This set, aptly named “Six Easter Kites,” pays homage to this cultural practice passed down through generations.

🌈 **A Colorful Tradition**
Each cookie takes the form of an irregular hexagon and comes in six different vibrant colorways, celebrating the essence of Bermuda’s Easter kites. These delectable treats are designed to symbolize the craftsmanship, aesthetics, and cultural significance of the kite-flying tradition.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly and Culturally Rich**
Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the recyclable box and compostable plant-based plastic sleeve, ensuring you can enjoy these cookies guilt-free. The Bermuda tradition of kite-flying is one that embodies effort, commitment, confidence, and humility, and we capture this spirit in each cookie. Just as the key elements of a traditional kite include the headstick, bender, and hummers, our cookies are crafted with care and precision to honor this cultural icon.

Fly high above the pink sands with our Easter Kite Cookies and immerse yourself in the unique cultural experience that is the Bermuda tradition of kite-flying. 🪁🌅🍪