Halloween Eyeballs – Hand iced Luxury Cookie Biscuits

From: $7.00

🍪 **Introducing Our Halloween Eyeball Cookies** 👁️👁️
Indulge in the eerie delight of our hauntingly charming biscuits, the Halloween Eyeballs. These 2.5″ circle cookies are a unique addition to your Halloween festivities and come in a variety of delicious flavors – simply choose your favorite from the drop-down menus.

🌱 **Eco-Friendly and Memorable**
Thoughtfully packaged on eco-friendly, recyclable card and heat-sealed in a plant-based ‘plastic’ sleeve, our Halloween Eyeball cookies not only tantalize your taste buds but also reduce your environmental footprint. These cookies bring a touch of the weird and wonderful to your celebrations, making them a unique and unforgettable treat.

Add a hint of mystery and a taste of the unusual to your Halloween gatherings with our Bermuda Biscuits Luxury Hand-Iced Halloween Eyeball Cookies. They’re perfect for those who appreciate the delightfully eerie and appreciate a memorable addition to their festivities. 🎃👁️🍪

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