Thanksgiving Pumpkin – Hand iced Luxury Biscuit

From: $8.00

🍪 **Luxury Bermuda-Themed Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cookie**
Celebrate Thanksgiving with a taste of Bermuda! Our 2″ x 3″ Thanksgiving pumpkin cookie is a delightful homage to the island’s rich pumpkin traditions.

🌱 **Bermuda’s Pumpkin Delight**
In Bermuda, pumpkins flourish in gardens and commercial nurseries. We savor them in comforting soups, mouthwatering pies, and perfectly roasted dishes.

🧡 **Share the Thanksgiving Spirit**
On the reverse of each cookie pack, we simply say, “Have a great Thanksgiving,” to add a touch of warmth to your celebrations.

Indulge in a piece of Bermuda this Thanksgiving with our expertly crafted pumpkin cookies, measuring 2″ high by 3″ wide.