Round pin Badge – 1.5″ button badge – Bermuda Biscuits branded


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**Introducing Our Bermuda Biscuits Logo Badge** 📌

Add a touch of Bermuda charm to your clothes, backpacks, bags, or any other spot you desire with our adorable Bermuda Biscuits Logo Badge. This cute little badge is 1.5 inches round and branded with our signature Bermuda Biscuits logo.

🌟 **A Dash of Island Elegance**
Our logo badge is a subtle yet stylish way to showcase your connection to the island and your appreciation for the Bermuda Biscuits experience. It’s a conversation starter and a symbol of your love for Bermuda.

🎒 **Versatile and Chic**
Attach this badge to your favorite accessories and clothing, instantly elevating your style with a hint of Bermuda’s unique flair. It’s the perfect addition to express your island spirit.

Enhance your personal style with our Bermuda Biscuits Logo Badge. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s a statement of your island-loving heart. 🌴📌💙