Bermuda Dogs Box Set – 6 Luxury hand iced dog breed cookies (for humans)

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Bermuda Dogs Box Set – 6 x Luxury hand iced dog breed cookies.

Woof-licious! Our Dogs Box Set – 6 Luxury Hand-Iced Cookies (for Humans) from Bermuda

At Bermuda Biscuits, we don’t just treat dogs like family, we treat them like royalty. That’s why we’ve created our Dogs Box Set – a collection of 6 luxury hand-iced cookies shaped like various dog breeds to delight even the pickiest of pooches (or humans, we suppose).

Our cookies are baked with love and high-quality ingredients, and come in assorted breeds and colors, including the classics like Labrador and poodle, as well as trendy breeds like Cavapoo and French Bulldog. Can’t find your favorite breed among our assortment? No worries – just bark up the tree and we’ll do our best to include it in your order. We can even personalize a cookie with your dog’s name to make them feel extra special.

Perfect for dog birthdays, puppy showers, or just a treat for yourself and your furry friend, our Dogs Box Set is so delicious, even your dog will beg for more (but don’t worry, they’re human cookies – not suitable for dogs due to the sugar and flour content). And, because we’re committed to being good dog owners to the planet too, each box is 10 x 13 inches in size and can be recycled.

So why not unleash your inner dog lover and order your Dogs Box Set today? Woof-woof!