Bermuda Toad – Luxury hand Iced cookie

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Bermuda Road Toad Iced Biscuit. Also known as Marine or Giant Toads. Are our only species of toad here in Bermuda. 
They arrived on Bermuda in the late 1880’s to eat unwanted insects, namely mosquitos, cockroaches and centipedes.
Whilst not the most beautiful of creatures, they are very important to us as they help keep the bug population in check! They like to live in grasses and bury themselves in the earth overnight after a snack sat on the warm roadsides. The toads  don’t hibernate as such but aren’t as prevalent in winter months. In Springtime they lay jelly-like eggs in any water they can find, which turn into small black tadpoles. The female has dark brown skin with black markings along her back  and a few large warts. In contrast  the male is yellow-brown with much smaller warts than the female.  Female toads are always the larger of the twoThe toads secrete a toxin from gland behind the eyes as a defence mechanism (in case something wants to eat them.) This  toxin is very harmful to dogs, so they must be kept away from the toads. They are not harmful to humans.

Biscuit is 4.5″ high by 3″ wide