Single Bermuda wild chicken – Luxury hand iced cookie biscuit

From: $7.00

Single Bermuda wild chicken iced biscuit, packaged on recyclable card in a plant-based, compostable ‘plastic’ sleeve.

Single Bermuda wild chicken iced biscuit.

**Discover Bermuda’s Feral Chicken Challenge**

In the picturesque paradise of Bermuda, a unique phenomenon has taken flight – it’s all about chickens! Once domesticated, these feisty fowls have boldly ventured into the wild, earning them the title of “feral chickens.” With a staggering population of over 20,000, these clucking troublemakers have become the island’s talk.

**Chaos and Costly Consequences**

These feral chickens do more than just ruffle feathers and disrupt our beauty sleep with early morning serenades. They wreak havoc on crops, causing thousands of dollars in damages each year. Beyond the financial impact, there’s a genuine concern about diseases as well. Astonishingly, Bermuda’s chickens have outsmarted natural predators, except for the occasional run-in with rats, crows, or vehicles. They reproduce at an alarming rate, with one hen capable of yielding over a thousand hens in a year! (Imagine if Bermuda Biscuits could make that many chicken cookies in a year…)

**Taking Swift Action**

If you encounter rogue chickens on your property, don’t hesitate – take action immediately! And if you find any eggs, it’s best not to spare them from destruction. Let’s unite to ensure these mischievous fowl don’t stir up any more chaos. No feeding, no encouraging – let’s give them something to cluck about!

Pack contains 1 biscuit.



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