Dogs Box Set – 6 Luxury hand iced dog breed cookies (for humans)

From: $65.00

Treat Yourself or Your Dog-Loving Friends to Our Dogs Box Set – 6 Luxury Hand-Iced Cookies (for Humans).

At Bermuda Biscuits, we know that dogs are more than just pets – they’re family. That’s why we’ve created our Dogs Box Set – a collection of 6 luxury hand-iced cookies shaped like various dog breeds to delight dog lovers everywhere.

Our cookies are carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients and come in assorted breeds and colors, including Labrador, schnauzer, poodle, Cavapoo face, Alsatian / German Shepherd, generic mutt, Airedale Terrier, Dalmation, Westie, and Shibu Inu. Can’t find your favorite breed among our assortment? No problem – simply email and we’ll do our best to include it in your order. We can even ice a name onto a dog-shaped cookie for that extra special touch.

Perfect for dog birthdays, puppy showers, and as a gift for the dog lover in your life, our Dogs Box Set is a fun and delicious way to celebrate your furry friend. Plus, our cookies are human cookies – not suitable for dogs due to the sugar and flour content, but they won’t harm your furry friend if they happen to sneak a bite!

Each box is 10 x 13 inches in size and can be recycled, making them an eco-friendly choice for the conscious consumer. So why wait? Order your Dogs Box Set today and treat yourself or your dog-loving friends to a taste of Bermuda!