Bermuda Green Sea Turtle – Luxury hand Iced cookie

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Bermuda Green Sea Turtle Since shortly after colonisation in the early 1600s, Bermuda has had an impressive record of protecting endangered sea turtles. The islands that make up Bermuda are surrounded by seagrass beds, healthy coral reefs, and crystal-clear, unpolluted waters which provide a perfect habitat for young green turtles and hawksbills. We are one of a number of locations worldwide where post-pelagic, young green turtles are found with no adults. It is one of the best sites in the world where these turtles can be studied in their natural habitat. Most sea turtle studies take place on nesting beaches, Bermuda provides scientists with a unique opportunity to study the little understood juvenile stage of the green turtle. Successful protection needs to be given to these fascinating, vanishing animals.

Biscuit is on average 3″ diameter